Can school libraries have their own Facebook profiles now?

At the risk of reporting something that everybody already knows, I came across something new to me regarding Facebook.

In one of my blog feeds from a university affiliated research body there was an invitation to add them as a friend.

This invitation came as a surprise to me since I had been reading stories over the last year of librarians trying to create profiles for their libraries within Facebook in an effort to reach out and connect with their users and being told that only individual people can have profiles not companies/associations/departments, etc:

I saw another example of a college with its own Facebook profile (not a Group or Network). What they had in common was that their URLs are structured like this:

Does this mean that as long as the non-human profile you create is within a registered Facebook sub-domain (not a standard URL) that you are free from fear of the Facebook police coming in and deleting the profile you are creating for your school or library?


One Response to “Can school libraries have their own Facebook profiles now?”

  1. brian Says:

    I dropped a note to my contact. I’ll get back with you– or post something on my blog. I noticed a few group / service profile pop up last month as well.

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